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WSB Blog Of The Month : November Edition Choice!


After a long wait on November, here comes the month of December where we will announce the BOTM: November Edition Choice. Thank you for all your participation and the support among fellow Wasaber. 

Without further ado, the Wasaber BOTM: November Edition goes to...

with his blog

With many names given with love from CRB to him, he is actually the author of an informative blog which portrays tutorial for bloggers that need some spice into their blog. Felt creative but really do not know where to start? Just kick-start from his bloggie~ woooot~

~Interview Session~

WSB : How do u feel after you found out that you had choosen to be WSB Blog of the Month : November Edition?
MFM : First of all, I would like to thank WSB and everyone who had choose & voted me as "WSB BLOG OF THE MONTH" for this edition. I felt touched and had a good feeling that makes everyone around me felt bizarre with my super happy mood I'm in right now until my eyes sparkled with a bright smile that i, myself never occur to me before. Its such a surprised. Even though this heart felt that its unbelievable yet I loved it. 

WSB : What is your opinion about WSB?
MFM : This is "The community" that I was looking for before this, one community that is intimate and familiar in making friendship, in addition to the super cool Admin and its crew. And refer to my entry for this edition, it is just what I describe about the WSB; Wiraku Sepanjang Berblog - I've gain friends, high traffic visitors to my blog and good knowledge of information, especially in the blogging world.

WSB : Here is your time to give a few words of appreciation :D
MFM : Thank you once again to evvvvvvveryone for your support and votes for this edition. All your cooperation and support can only be repay by Him above. Also to allllllll wasaber, continue the support to WSB for all of us to move towards as a great bloggers. Let us make WSB as a catalyst to our success in the virtual cyberspace, Until then, Aja2 Fighting! Hoyeaaaaaaa!

Congratulation! Congratulation! Congratulation! 
Cheers for the newly reign 

What shall we do next?
Lets hit his blog with some lurve!


33 Respon dari Wasaber.

  1. Just says:

    Congratz tu Farid aka koreanboi! Aku bagi can ma ko kali ni.. muahahah..

  2. congretz to mfm..
    nie kali jak la ko menang..
    len kali, teda suda tuh..

  3. ~NieZa~ says:

    woowww...negro cri org cantik bah ni...

  4. ♫FEN♫ says:

    wwoohoo... congratz3 :))

  5. congrats farid, nah buli la ni minta blanja kan, ekekeke! :)

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. congratsss kreatif buzz!! ^^v

  8. congrats to Kreatifbuzz :) memang kreatif :)

  9. Anonymous says:

    peeeewitt. . u r the man. . hahahha. . congratz yeah:)
    haaaapppppy 4 u:)

  10. beaty says:

    wah menag ka dia...congrats..u deserved it bh....

  11. Anonymous says:

    congrats doraemon a.k.a shinchan

  12. AnnieMing says:

    Congrats to Mohd. Farid, the man behind Kreatifbuzz!

  13. Congrats Creative Buzz! Saya sokong ur the blogger of the month!

  14. Congrats! finally the winner revealed! :)

  15. congrats. belanja kfc terus. haha

  16. Anonymous says:

    wee..congratz buzz...:)..

  17. Anonymous says:

    congrats.... :d

  18. waaaahhh..congrats dude^^

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