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Three Cheers for Three Awards

Awards ya'll! Wooooooooot!
Its been several days since WSB received its awards but it seems like there are no respond from this community. No worries, by hook or by crook there will be appreciation entry as feedback!
By the way, our community had grow bigger and bigger everyday! Warm welcome to newly registered wasaber and to all wasaber, don't hesitiate to ease away your boredom at CRB. Kupi-kupi dulu ba kita~ Yeeehawww~
Without further ado, here goes the awards that been recently awarded to our community :D

#1. Creative Blogger Award from Izwan

Glay had creatively changed the awards's original position.
There are interpretation for the icon used above. Click here to know about it. On behalf of this community, we are really touched, glad and happy as we received this award. Thank you for your sincere decision to award WSB community as one of Creative Blogger around~ Cheerss~

 #2. L.O.V.E. Awards from Lina

Awhhh, this is soooooooo sweeet of you, Lina~ Tri-zillion appreciation to you~ Actually, there are 3 question attached to this award but since this community consist of many people, it seems like the question can't be sincerely had accurate answer from one person. However, as in love matters, it revolves in our own life- no matter where we go. Without love, there won't be life or even beauty. Plus, love don't need a reason :)

 #3. Shout Awards from Aemy

Another award with extra Q. Well, this one could be done as a community, hehe~ Lets roll~
1. Who gave the awardWasaber Aemy
2. Comment on her blog?Bold and beautiful
3. Most visited blogs?
All of them- mostly on schedules or when they have new post
4. What do you usually write in people's Shoutmix?
Congratz! New Wasaber. Follow all the WSB members to stay connected among Wasabers (Psst admin... jgn marah, kio? LOL)

With all this 3 awards, it had a sticky tagged attached.
Who might get tag, you wonder?

With all this award ended with its representative tag and all has done.
Thank you again for all the award given to the community!

p/s: The BOTM: December Edition is still open. Read the criteria here. The more, the merrier!

5 Respon dari Wasaber.

  1. aemy says:

    owww this is so sweet..thx so much for the tag..the award is special for all wasabers..i love all of u! ^^

  2. Memang best bah dapat award ni.

  3. wah!!! bagus o...dpt award lg ni...:n

  4. waww!best woo..dpt award.. :n

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Jangan tengok jak bah! Dikomen terusss!! :D

Nota : Pakai bahasa Sabah pun bulih bah! :)

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