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Beautiful Blogger Award for WSB!

Heya Wasaber!!! How's life had been for ya'll? 
There may be ups and downs 
but we are sure that your life 
will not be the same with WSB :D

Great news for today, our community received an award from our fellow member Ciik Ross!

We know that most of Wasaber also received this award and you should be proud that this community also in the list to received the award as well! Didn't it make you more proud of being a Wasaber? Yeehaww~

As usual, the question routine :D

i. Thank the person who give you this award & link of the person

Grazillion thanks and appreciation goes to 
ii. Spread the award to 5 blogger who you like and think their blog is awesome

iii. Tell 7 thing about yourself
1. Birthdate: September 9th, 2010
2. Poster updates every week; 
the size of the name shows how active the person in the community
3. Currently had 151 members in the community (on 11.40pm this date)
4. The community help to connect Sabahan's blogger and get to know each other as well
5. A place to exchange ideas and advices
6. Help members in the community to increase traffic to their blog
7. WSB and its member are Awesome (Get to know them, you'll understand :))

Hope with that 7 things about WSB, everyone including Ciik Ross would know more about WSB. So, who think they are Wasaber and haven't answer the 7 question of Beautiful Blogger, reply to this post now~ Thanks to Ciik Ross again for the award~

So, Wasaber... have you do any blogwalking today? :D 

13 Respon dari Wasaber.

  1. wahhhh, wsb dapat award.. suka yg no. 7 tue..

    7. WSB and its member are Awesome

    super LIKE :'P

  2. oooooo..bru tau... klu nm besar dlm poster tu mknanya aktif..ahahaha..nm ku kira basar jua tu..ahaha......nyway mmg aku setuju yg num7 tu..sporting hbs semua..dak pecaya cuak p masuk chat room..pastu d fb..yai..gila semua..haha

  3. dapat award kunu c admin...hahaha

  4. Wah tahniah WSB ^ ^
    I already got this award but here goes 7 things about me :)

    1. I am Sabahan (hihihihihihi)
    2. Member of WSB :)
    3. Crazy about books (seriously)
    4. Favorite TV shows, CSI and CI Channel (Mr, M said I should become a detective...hahahahaha)
    5. Blogging is my second career, hahahahahaha
    6. Will blog seriously about Sabah next year because it is so annoying when people ask me, do Sabahan still live on the tree???
    7. Believe that all wasabers are super duper awesome!!

  5. Admin says:

    Trimas kpd cik ros krn mberikan award ni...dan ribuan terima kasih juga kepada Glayriel a.k.a WSB crew krn mnyiapkn entry super cool ni.. :D

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. MosePA says:

    Congrats Bos!!! Huhuhu... I sure will be back with you all as soon as my final exam finish. Next week is my last exam... 12/11/2010. By that night, i will be with you back guys... Yeahhh...

  8. Admin says:

    @syea, tQ ar..ko jg la plg beauty ba..keh²

    @MosePA, orait ba tu..ko jwb exam tu btul²..Wish u luck..kasi malatup result ko..keh²

  9. welcome2..WSB mmg best gila bebeh..mmg layak d anugerahkan award!

  10. sy paling suka yg no.7 juga miakakakakakaXD
    ngehehe~ thanks admin :) thanks Cik Ross :D

    @Mose: ba, all da best for exam~ sy lagi ni mo exam, atokkk >_<

  11. Eric says:

    saya xfaham la ini apa.. hua3

  12. Admin says:

    @Eric award ba ni ric..amik la..smua wasaber kna tag tu..:D

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